Free Palestine

Assalamualaikum. Such a long time i didn't update my blog. pardon me. :(

Palestine. Its trending now because of what had happened to them even 50 years back. but, we still have to fight for it because some inhuman people cant really use their brain to differentiate between freedom and war.
such a genocide!
Israel is the real terrorist!
No such country named Israel!
I would not approve even once!
How can they took someone land, murder innocent people like crazy?
Its massacre!

Children, woman, old people such innocent people die and been killed by those so called 'protector' of their country.
Such a heart breaker.. to see all this suffering in the net. across every country..
Malaysia, London, Egypt, Britain, and many more country had done what it takes to save those innocent people. By supporting the medical aids, food, drinks, money and else.
But, those 'high' level ruler.
They are really the worse.
Even the suffering we all feel, u just say 'Israel have the right to defend itself'
Such a fool ruler..
Palestinians doesn't have anything, none. it is unfair to those who are innocent.

Israel! you just take the right of Palestinians to live in their own country.
There is no human can have the 'inhuman' tittle than you are.
Israel the inhuman people ever lived in Earth.

La Tahzan Palestinians. Allah will help you. Insya-Allah. :)

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