Anime Manga Madness!

I am now really in love with this anime..
All anime in this world are my best Friend.. (^^)//
So, why don't you take your time knowing them (the manga anime of course) ?
hehe.. i'm sure that you all will love it!

There are a lots of picture that i want to share with you.
But, i don't have enough space and time. :P
Ookiku Furikabutte a.k.a Big Windup!
Ren, Abe, Tajima, Sakaeguchi, Hanai, Izumi, Mizutani, Oki, Suyama, Nishihiro!!
Love all this guys! <3

2 Comment(s):

☆ ayu☆ said...

i havent watched this..but i have watched major s1..which is related to its plot, right..? :D

|ⱷ|ƨä®ä|Ü| said...

i don't know about major s1..
but, u will like this anime cause there's humor as well as friendship.. :D