1st contest GJB

Yes! A new contest from Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie. Finally i entered it after a long time waiting a such contest from them. Actually they really make a really amazing templates which i really fanatic on it! But, this contest really surprising me! If i win, i could get a free template designing from here own! isn't that wonderfull! Without wasting any time, here is the banner and description about the contest! Do comment as it would cheer me up!

What will you win?

  • A custom blog theme/template for selfhosted Wordpress or Blogger (no Wordpress.com, sorry, it’s not possible).
  • With up to 15 credits in istockphoto images for the design (if you want more images, you’ll have to purchase them).
  • And up to 3 revisions of the blog sketch!
  • You will also get a 125 x 125 px banner for it!


  • The design will include fonts that are free for commercial use (but you can choose to buy yourself a professional one, there’s some really cheap ones).
  • The theme/template will include a credit link in the footer.
  • The prize does not include plugin customization, or anything like that outside the theme itself. Uploading content to the blog is your responsability.
  • If you have images you want included in the design, you must own them, or have a license for them. Using images right out of Google or other places won’t be possible.

How to participate
(you have to complete all of the following -except the 4 that is optional-)
  1. Subscribe to the Blog via RSS or email!
  2. Post about this contest on your blog using the banner below, and LINKING to this post with the guidelines.
  3. Come back here and leave me comment with a link to your post, and tell me what is/was your New Year’s resolution for 2010!!
  4. If you use Twitter, retweet about this Contest in Twitter to get twice the chances (and remember to leave me your twitter username in the comment)!!
  5. Only 1 comment per person, so make sure you put all the info in your comment. I will delete the extra comments and asign you all numbers for the shuffle once it closes. 

So, what are you waiting for! Comment and i would glad if you participate this contest with me! Sharing is caring!

6 Comment(s):

|i∂m¤čur∂| said...

wow...i also want to join this contest, but nevermine...good luck...hope you win this contest...adios =)

votech mini votech said...

i really hope you win..!!
would love too see ur blog when u win this contest... =)

chill out

yayacute said...

hope you win this contest...
BTW, gisele template were rock out..!!

love it =)

Firdaus said...

hope you win.. =)

Ahmad Faris said...

gisele are rock..!!

hope you win...

[♣]sara®sites™ said...

to sura, votech, yaya, daus, faris~> thanks! a lot!! =D